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[ Grandma ]

Elvina - girl - 11 ans (3 April 2017)

My grandmother died on my birthday last year, and soon I will turn 12. This situation makes me uneasy and very sad.

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hey there Elvina,

Thanks for having thought about us to help you in this difficult time. It's not easy to lose a loved one.. You did good by not keeping all the pain inside to yourself!

You see, when we lose someone close, we go through a grieving process. That grieving process is different for everyone so it's important to be patient with ourselves. We can go through a lot of difficult emotions during that time, and it can be upsetting because some days may be even more difficult. Sometimes it's because that day reminds us of something, kind of like your birthday. It's very unfortunate because you still deserve to rejoice and be happy on your birthday! But i understand that it can be hard due to the circumstances. Do you think your grandma would like you to be happy on your birtday? How do you think she would like for you to spend your day?

It has been a year and its ok that it's still difficult for you. What has helped you through the bad days so far? You see, even though it doesn't take all the pain away, we can choose to do little things to help us get through the rough periods! It can be talking about it to your family, spending time with friends, looking through pictures and good times you've had with your family, watching something funny on TV or on the internet, reading, or anything else you'd like ok Elvina!

What would you like to try to help take your mind off of this and make you feel a little better?

I'll let you think about it and feel free to call us at 1800-263-2266 anytime if you want to talk about it some more!

Take care of yourself Elvina :)

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