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[trying toooo hard ] is everyone feeling like me? like everyone is trying really hard on making new friends, idk i feel like my friends are just skipping me alllll the time and going to new friends. WHICH ARE SOO... »»»
girl - 14 ans
[Disconnected with my old friends] This year i went to a high school different from all of my friend's high school. It was really hard at first (because I'm way too shy for my own good) but eventually I got a little bit used to it.... »»»
[Friends' addiction] Hi, my friends at school have lately gotten into drugs. I really don't support this, and I can't help thinking about there future, except I still want to be friends, I just don't want them to do... »»»
[Social anxiety and friends] Social anxiety is something I've had since I was 8 but over the years, I've been able to cope with it and it's gotten much better. However, about a month ago once school ended, my anxiety had... »»»
[Cutting] Hi Tel-Jeunes! Its me again. This time it isn't for me. Its for my friend thats cutting herself. Its been a few months now and I want to help her but she doesn't want to listen. She says that she's... »»»
[Feeling forgotten:(] For the past few weeks i have this feeling like if im forgotten by my "bffs":(:( they always make plans between them and never invite me:( but they tell me that I'm one of their bffs. It really... »»»
[ Just Friend or BFF???] Hello there, It's me again, except with a different problem.My so called friends are telling me that I have childish behavior. Yes I admit I do have a childish behavior. But that only because I... »»»
[Friend or more than that??] Hello there, I have this weird problem. Its because I have I friend that I love to play with. And today its the first time anyone confess to me. And it wasnt anyone that confess to me it was him!!!... »»»
[je me sens intimider] jai une amie qui est super le fun puis tout. On rit ensemble et on fait plein de blagues mais en meme temps des fois je me sens utiliser par elle, genre que elle est juste avec moi a cause que... »»»
[What should i do?] ok so ive been really close with a girl in my class for about 2 years now, she's one of my best friends' but she recently went out with my other best guy friend and now it's all awkard between... »»»
[Should i forgive my best friend for doing what she did?] Hello, recently i had a huge fight with my best friend. We've been best friends since 4th grade and now we're in secondary 2. Its been about 2 months that i havent spoken to her, ive been trying to... »»»
[is it his fault or is it mine?] Hi Tel Jeunes! I hope you can help me. =) A guy likes me. However, I don't like him back and told him so already a few times yet he persists. I don't really know him because we don't talk to each... »»»
[losing a friend] my best friend of 3 years and i recently arent as close. we used to do everything together and call eachother everyday even though we dont go to the same school. we just went on vacation together... »»»
[I can't find a best friend] I cant find a bestfriend that i can hang out with [cause they're not allowed] and share secrets with. On weekends, i'm stuck at home all by myself [im an only child. I dont think my friends will... »»»
[friends] my best friend and my other friend kayla always leave me and my friend Jodie out. Me and my best friend have been friends since second grade and she has always been a really good friend so i dont... »»»
[Love] Hi ! Well i got a problem... Me and this guy have recently confessed our love for eachother..and the problem is... The people around us dont know because were afraid theyre gonna make fun of us ..... »»»
[Spreading Rumours] I had a 10 month relationship that ended. He was my "first". I became friends with another a few months later and we, unfortunately, "did it" too soon after we just met. Now that other person... »»»
[Friendship] Me and my BEST friend K have known each other since kindergarten and we just started high school. She's in the regular program and im in french immersion so we have different friends and we never... »»»
[Friends] Me and my best friend used to be really close but then last year a new girl came and we both became friends with her but this year i feel really left out of the two of them and today i asked my... »»»
[I'm not sure what my friend is thinking.] The starting of school I met a lot of ppl and I quickly became friends with them. During the first half of the year I hanged out with a certain group especially for lunch. We had a lot of fun but... »»»
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