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[ Cutting ]

Anonymous - girl - 12 ans (22 March 2014)

Hi Tel-Jeunes! Its me again. This time it isn't for me. Its for my friend thats cutting herself. Its been a few months now and I want to help her but she doesn't want to listen. She says that she's ok but i know she isn't ok. What should I do? It hurts me to see her like that. She even had some suicidal thoughts:(

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hi there!

It can be really difficult to feel like a friend is drowning and not being able to change things for that person.

A friend cannot be a therapist, a counsellor or a parent. A friend is a friend. Friends can help by offering to listen, hang out together, give information about psychological help, offer to go with to meet a school counsellor... A friend can express concern, but cannot carry the other person's state of mind on her shoulders, nor can she change the behavior of the other person. Sometimes, when we have reasons to believe that the person is putting her life in danger or might try to kill herself, it is important to tell an adult, her parents or a counsellor at school, alright?

Do not hesitate to call if you want to discuss this further, 1-800-263-2266, 24/7.

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