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[ Feeling forgotten:( ]

Anonymous - girl - 12 ans (14 February 2014)

For the past few weeks i have this feeling like if im forgotten by my "bffs":(:( they always make plans between them and never invite me:( but they tell me that I'm one of their bffs. It really doesn't look like it and this feeling is really bugging me cuz everytime they talk about their fun hangouts i have this weird feeling that really annoys me. What should I do? Is it normal that sometimes i just feel like choking someone? Plz help:(

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hi you!
I see that you are living a difficult situation and I thank you for sharing your feelings with us.

You see, as we grow up, people and relationships can change along the way. Sometimes the relationship will get stronger, for example we are going to suddenly start seeing only one person because we feel so much connexion with that person, and some weeks or years later we are going to meet other people and start hanging out more with them. You follow me? Has this happened to you?

When we get less attention from our friends, this can make us feel all kinds of emotions like anger or sadness or impotence. Are these the feelings that you are talking about when you say that it annoys you? Having those emotions is not pleasant for anyone. Unfortunately, we cannot change what other people do or say, however, we have the power of changing other things that are going to make us feel better. Some people in your situation are going to decide to talk to their friends about their feelings, some others are going to try to make new friends or hang out with other people! What do you want to do about it?

Set apart what you decide to do, talking to a person that you trust about what you are living is always helpful! Could you talk to someone about this?

Remember that we are always here for you, 24 hours a day! Take care of yourself.


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