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[ Disconnected with my old friends ]

Nostalgic - girl - 12 ans (26 October 2017)

This year i went to a high school different from all of my friend's high school. It was really hard at first (because I'm way too shy for my own good) but eventually I got a little bit used to it. Now, Halloween is coming and I feel more disconnected from my friends more than ever. I feel like we live in two different worlds, because 3/4 people (my friends included) from last year grade 6 went to this high school.i don't know if I should try my best to contact them or just accept the fact that in 2 or 3 months we won't even be considered that great of a friends anymore. I rarely see them now. Do I try and keep a close friendship with them or do I accept the fact that we are in two Completly different worlds now?

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hey Nostalgic,

Entering the world of high school, loosing friends and making new ones, it can be a bit much. It's not always easy to make the transition is it?

You see, to answer your question directly, unfortunately there isn't a guideline to help us know if we should keep in contact with old friends or move on. I would say that it's a personal choice that you have to make according to how you feel! You see, friendships can change, we get closer, or more distant. It takes effort. Friendships are easier to maintain when we can spend time together, but even when we're not in the same school, it's not impossible to remain friends if we wish to.

What do you feel like doing for this halloween Nostalgic? Would you like to contact your old friends or would you prefer to have other plans? You know, just because you don't spend halloween with your old friends doesn't mean you can no longer contact them if you wish to do so another time! And also, remember that you're not the only one responsible to maintain your friendship with them. It goes both ways. What do you think about that?

I hope this has helped you! If you'd like to further discuss the subject in more details, feel free to call us anytime! The phone lines are always open (1800-263-2266).

Take care

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