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imdone - girl - 14 ans (24 June 2017)

is everyone feeling like me? like everyone is trying really hard on making new friends, idk i feel like my friends are just skipping me alllll the time and going to new friends. WHICH ARE SOO PLASTIC, everyone is trying so hard to fit in and be nice to be liked by EVERYONE and the worst it that im turning into that kind of crap. i'm realy happy school's over so now i can spend time with my real friends. Which sadly are youtube and games. this is why everyone on their screen it's because the people facing them can't say what they want because they're scared of being mean and not being nice. But it's making them look SSSSOOOOO PLLLLLLLAAAAAASTTTTIIIIIIICCCCCCC

Tel-jeunes’ answer

hello imdone,

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

It's true that people generally like being liked by others. And often people like having friends! Often times, we may even put more emphasis on the amount of friends we have rather than focusing on whether or not the friends that we already have are truly there for us and care about our well-being. In the quest for having a lot of friends or new ones, it can happen that we hurt the friends that we already do have. And so, situations like the one you're experiencing can unfortunately happen. It sucks that you feel your friends are skipping you all the time.

You know, we don't really have power on how our friends choose to act, but we definitely have power to choose what we want to do about it! You said you are glad that the summer is over and if I understood you correctly, you are happy to turn to y*** and games. It's true that we can choose to do what makes us happiest! If that makes you happy, then great! But if you feel hurt by what your friends have done or said, it's possible to make the choice to speak to them about it! What would you like to do about this situation??

I'm going to let you think about it and feel free to contact us whenever you need!! We are also available 24/7 by phone at 1800-263-2266.

Take care

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