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[ Love ]

Isabella13 - girl - 13 ans (1 November 2008)

Hi ! Well i got a problem... Me and this guy have recently confessed our love for eachother..and the problem is... The people around us dont know because were afraid theyre gonna make fun of us .. And also , my best friend absolutly hates him , but i adore him !!! I dont want her to know because i know shes gonna freak out..But she discovered that we love eachother , so I dunno what to do.. I love him

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello Isabella13! Love can bring a lot of questions, don’t you think?

You’re going out with a boy, but you’re afraid of people’s reaction. Unfortunately, you don’t ask a precise question in your e-mail, which makes difficult for me to know the kind of help you’re looking for. Tell me, do you wish to let people know you two love each other? Do you prefer to wait until people find out by themselves? When you talk about “people”, who exactly are you talking about?

When we are afraid, we can decide to take it one step at a time. For example, you could think about the first person you want to tell about this situation. Is it your best friend? Do you feel important to tell her about your feelings for this guy? Maybe she will react, but remember that it is your relationship and that it is possible you don’t have the same taste about guys! To help you, I invite you to have a look at the FRIENDS section of our website where you’ll find information under the “Problems with friends” rubric.

Tell me, have you talked about this situation with your boyfriend? How can he help you? If you wish to talk more about it, I invite you to call us directly. We are there for you 24/7 at 1 800 263-2266.

Take care Isabella13!


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