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[ Spreading Rumours ]

LGLB - girl - 18 ans (27 October 2008)

I had a 10 month relationship that ended. He was my "first". I became friends with another a few months later and we, unfortunately, "did it" too soon after we just met. Now that other person dumped me immediately after and is now spreading rumours about me saying that I'm an easy catch and etc., and even to the ears of my ex who is not at all pleased. I am hurt, angry and am NOT an easy catch or a slut. Now what can I do to deal with this? tks

Tel-jeunes’ answer


I understand you are hurt. It’s normal.

It would be nice if rumours would never happen. Do you agree with me?

Rumours do hurt the person involve. It is hard to have control on what comes out of someone else’s mouth. Do you agree with me?

Our sexual life only concerns us. Words only have power if we give it importance. What is an easy catch anyway? I know it’s hard, but what that importance do you want to give to this guy? Anyone can say words that aren’t true about us. People can choose if they want to believe it or not. At the same time the people who really matter to us will know. Do you agree with me?

Confidence is ourselves is a strength that can help us during a hard time. You are the only one who know what you are and aren’t. Do you agree with me? If you choose to believe yourself rather than this guy words, would you feel better?

You have all the rights to be hurt by these words. We can’t make words disappear but we can choose our reaction and ways to feel better. What do you want to do right now? What can make you feel better? What have you try so far? Usually, when you are angry or sad, what do you do?

I hope my answer will help you feel better.

Take care


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