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[ Just Friend or BFF??? ]

a girl in need - girl - 11 ans (12 February 2014)

Hello there, It's me again, except with a different problem.My so called friends are telling me that I have childish behavior. Yes I admit I do have a childish behavior. But that only because I don't want to grow up yet.Sure I'm 11 years old,but that doesn't mean I'm stupid!!!My 2 friends are worrying that I'll stay like this forever.They say I'm like this because I play with 4th graders and 3rd graders and there telling me to not be their friend anymore!!!So I can become MATURE.Sometimes I just want to scream at them and tell them that I can be friends with anyone I want!!!I need help to tell them that I like the way I am without hurting there feelings because there my BFF's. Pls help me!!!!!!!!!! P.S.;if it doesn't work I don't blame you my friends are really sensative

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hi there!

Thank you for trusting us again! :)

You know, at 11, you are still a child. A big child, but a child, still. There is no such thing as "childish behavior" when you are actually a child! Nobody grows up at the same pace and if some people value acting like a grown-up, others like to play and be a child while they can. There is nothing wrong with that! If your friends judge you, maybe they just value growing up more than you do. It can be upsetting to feel rejected for being who we are, but at the end of the road, isn't it more important to be ourselves than to try to please others? We cannot change what people think, feel or do, but we can change the way we see things. We can express ourselves and focus on those who love us as we are, and give less attention to those who make us feel bad or awkward.

In your situation, some people choose to tell their friends, for example : "I am sorry you don't accept who I am, but would you rather have a true friend or someone who pretends to be someone else (mature) to please you?" or "I know childhood is ending soon, I want to make the best out of it by playing as much as I can, don't you like to play?". Would you like to try that?

Good luck with your friends and take good care of yourself! :)


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