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[avoir un chum] salut! il y a un gars qui est vraiment interesser a moi mais moi je ne sais pas si je suis prete a avoir un chum. Je voudrais vraiment qu'il le sache mais je ne sais pas comment lui dire que je ne... »»»
[I get along with my best friend's boyfriend but now me and my best friend fight all the time] My best friend got a boyfriend about 3 weeks ago. It took me about 2 weeks to get used to her having a boyfriend because she hasnt had a boyfriend for over a year until a few weeks ago. My best... »»»
[freind] hi my freind is so roud with me wath chod i do »»»
[confusion,] I just got out of a very long relationship with the first person I've ever 'fell for'. He was a real jerk towards the end and he just used me. About a week after I finally finished with that jerk,... »»»
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