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[relationship advice] hi teljeunes!! so i have been friends with this guy for a longggg time, and on the last day of school i told him that i have feelings for him, and he likes me back! so that's great. we started... »»»
[what is the problem with me] my friend has all the guys around her i have no one she is pretty im not she is funny im not im not im not im not i know someday my prince charming will come but why do no one likes me...... »»»
[lost] i really don't know what to do anymore.. i'm 15 i've been with same guy for 2 years and i've been falling for another guy.. now i say i love you to both.. i feel bad but i dont know what to do! i... »»»
[How do I stop this?] Hi, Lately, I have been crushing on guys very easily. I don't really understand why, but I start off crushing on a guy, and then I start to think another one is cute and sweet and then I begin to... »»»
[A guy (secondary5) that wants me and i want him (secondary2)] There is this 16 year old guy and were talking about masturbation. I told him that i wanted to give him a 'handjob' and i would have sex with him but the next day i said that i didnt want to... »»»
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