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[ How do I stop this? ]

Anonymous - girl - 14 ans (6 January 2013)

Hi, Lately, I have been crushing on guys very easily. I don't really understand why, but I start off crushing on a guy, and then I start to think another one is cute and sweet and then I begin to think that I have no chance with the first one so I convince myself to stop liking him but then I seem to start liking another one... I don't know what to do.... Is this normal? How do I stop this?

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello Anonymous,

Many teens are concerned about their feelings about love.

It's not problematic having a crush on one or numerous people at the same time. It only shows that you have the capacity to appreciate other people and see their qualities. Although, it's a smart move to question ourselves on the reasons behind constantly changing our crushes. You explained convincing yourself to stop liking some of them because you wouldn't have a chance. Why is that? What makes you think you don't have enough qualities to go out with him? What impact do you think that has on your self-esteem?

It's important in our relationship to acknowlede the qualities that we have and of being proud of ourselves. Knowing that we bring something to the relationship demonstrates that we appreciate and love ourselves, which in return allows the other to love who we are. Do you agree? How do you perceive a healthy relationship? What are your personal attributes? What do you contribute in your relationships? Sometimes answering theses questions can be hard, but keep looking because everyone brings something.

Have a nice day.


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