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Lost - girl - 14 ans (21 November 2016)

my friend has all the guys around her i have no one she is pretty im not she is funny im not im not im not im not i know someday my prince charming will come but why do no one likes me......

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello you,

When we compare ourselves to others, we tend to have eyes that only see the good in other's situation and the bad in ours, do you find that to be true?

In your text, it seems you don't think you're as good as your friend, but in the same time, you do have hope that someday you'll find someone you love. Tell me, does your question about no one liking you has anything to do with the fact you perceive yourself to be ''less'' than your friend?

In terms of ''no one liking you'', I'm guessing you mean to ask why no boy is currently showing interest to you? I specifically wrote ''showing interest TO YOU'' instead of ''IN YOU'' because people may like us without coming forward and saying it TO US. We don't know what is being said amongst boys and who is too shy to come forward. So that's one thing. Secondly, people not coming out and showing interest in us does not affect who we are. Not having a boyfriend does not mean you're not pretty or funny or anything like that. Are you following what I'm saying?

Thirdly, not everyone wants the same thing at the same time. At your age, some boys may still be more interested in other stuff like sports, video games, or other things, and being in a relationship or going to a girl and showing interest may not be in the cards for them at the moment. Again, that has nothing to do with us and whether or not we are good enough. Had you thought about that?

I hope that helps but if you find you are struggling a lot with these types of questions and it's taking a lot of place in your thoughts, know that you can always talk about it to a parent or a counselor at your school!

Call us at 1800-263-2266 if you want to go further with this conversation.

Take care, Tel-jeune

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