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idontknow - girl - 15 ans (23 July 2017)

hi teljeunes!! so i have been friends with this guy for a longggg time, and on the last day of school i told him that i have feelings for him, and he likes me back! so that's great. we started texting each other A LOT over the summer. we haven't hung out together in real life since school finished, we have ONLY been texting. however, two days ago, i did see him in real life. i was with my friends and he was with his friends at the mall. we hardly said hi to each other, and it was REALLY REALLY awkward. now i'm scared that our relationship will only develop over text, instead of in real life too. how do i become less shy and awkward with him in real life??? he's a great guy and i don't want to lose him:(

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hi idontknow!

It's great that you both like each other :)

Yes, we can definetely experience awkward moments when we meet the person we like! We suddenly look at our feet, feeling really shy/anxious, unable to say three consecutive words, our friends are watching, etc. Does it look like what happened?

You ask a good question: how to become less shy and awkward in real life? The answer is... by spending time with each other ;) It might be awkwark at first, maybe even for a few times, because we don't really know what to say, what to do. And it's ok! The other person probably feel as awkward as we do. Humour is one way of de-dramatizing the situation and perhaps even laughing about it :) You mention that you text a lot. Why not propose an activity or just hang out together to see what happens?

I wish you all the best!


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