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[ Sex ]

Andy - boy - 18 ans (17 December 2008)

My girlfriend and i had sex, but the condom slipped off after 5 mins, but i didn't tell her, should I tell her?

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello Andy! Let’s look at this situation together.

You’re wondering if you should tell your girlfriend that the condom slipped. Tell me, why didn’t you tell her? Do you now find it important to tell her? If you don’t tell her, what may be the consequences?

Tell me, when did this situation happen? I’m asking you this question, because if it happened in the last 5 days, it might be possible for your girlfriend to go get the morning-after pill. It is a last-resort method. Do you think communication is important in a relationship? Do you think your girlfriend would appreciate to know something like this?

I’ll let you think about it. Take care!


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