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[ Should I ask her out ]

Guy - boy - 14 ans (18 October 2017)

Hi, tel-jeunes. I have known this girl for 2 years now and I looked back and realized that I really like her. I don't know how she feels about me, and I'm not sure if it's appropriate to ask her out. I'm really confused also with the fact that I don't know if my parents would be ok with this. Wha should I do?

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello Guy!

I'm glad you didn't stay alone with this situation. Thanks for trusting Tel-Jeunes to help you with this situation that bothers you.

A lot of teenagers wonder if they should change a good friendship into something more. Teens will be scared that if they reveal their feelings and the other person doesn't feel the same, it may ruin the friendship. On the other hand, they can't deny the feelings they have for the other, and they would love to see where things could go! We can speculate a lot about what could happen, but you won't know unless you try right! What are the advantages and disadvantages that you see in pursuing a romantic relationship with her?

You said you don't know how she feels. What could be done about that? When we know a person for awhile, sometimes we can tell when they like something or not. But sometimes it's hard and the only true way of knowing is by asking the person. The same applies to knowing if your parents would be ok with it or not. Are you willing to find out?

Is there a reason you think it would be innapropriate to ask her out (she's part of your family, she already has a boyfriend, etc)? If you do decide to ask her out and she cleary is not interested but you try to manipulate her or force her, then for sure that is innapropriate. Do you agree with me?

I hope this helps you decide what would be best for you! Don't hesitate to call us if you'd like to discuss this situation in more details. The phone is available 24/7 at 1800-263-2266.

Take care

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