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[ Heart break ]

13.13 - girl - 13 ans (4 January 2012)

In september i meet this guy, i fell in love with him and he told me he felt the same way. A couple of days after he went out with my friend leaving me with a broken heart. He stoped talking to me.. A few months after, he told me he still loved me and that he made the bigest mistake of his life when he chose her over me. But i was afraide to get hurt again so i told him that i har a crush on some other guy. He was mad so he stoped talking to me.. A few weeks ago he told me he was still madly in love with me... And i told him i felt the same way.. So we were going out together, everything seemed ok ... Till new years eve, he didn't talk to me the same way he did before... He kept being mean to me the hole week.. So i talked to him and left him... Today i learned that at new years eve he kissed an other girl... I still love him and i dont know what to do because i feel like i have no reason to live for... Every day I see him kissing that girl and i feel like i can't breath.. It hurts so bad ! I never felt that much pain in my hole life! :'( please help me..? Your probably going to tell me to try to moove on, i tried that but its IMPOSSIBLE :'(

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello 13.13,

Breaking up with the person you love is never easy.

When we break up with someone we love, it tends to hurt a lot even though we are the one who broke up. It's even more hurtful to see that person with someone else shortly afterwards. It's normal to feel these painful feelings especially only after a week from the break up. Do you think you gave yourself enough time to get over your relationship? Sometimes we have to give time...well time. It can be hard going through these emotions, but we eventually move on.

Some people try to occupy themselves by doing activites that they really enjoy to get their mind off the other person. Others will write how they feel on a piece of paper and then throw it out. Can you think of anything else that would help you move on? Would you like to talk about it to a friend, a parent, or anyone else you feel comfortable with? Sometimes talking about how we feel helps us to move on. Would you like to try that? You can also call us at TEL-JEUNES at 1-800-263-2266 to talk to a counselor who will be avaible to listen to you 24/7 and try to find ways of healing. I understand that this is hard right now, but we unfortunately all go through it at some point and we all end up realizing that there are others out there for us. Do you agree?

I'll let you reflect on this and don't hesitate to recontact us if you ever feel the need to.


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