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Memoria - girl - 16 ans (13 November 2008)

hey! first i would like to thank you for all the work and help you give to us :D ok here's my problem, I am 16 years old and NEVER had a boyfriend, i'm the normal looking type of girl and well i just can't find someone mature enough you know with whom you can actually discuss life. In addition to that there are two guy who like me and are older but they are just you know "not my type, not to sound rude cause i respect and understand them". and I have been feeling so lonely lately and need someone to talk to as you know a close person, well lets see, a bf for example :D). I really am not ugly or dumb or anything most people even consider me as very mature for my age(I really am trying to be modest here ) what do you think I'm like what? what is wrong, why haven't I ever had a boyfriend? like i walk around seeing everybody in couples (even though it's the type of guys I would not like going out with) but i just can't help being lonely, reaaaaaally lonely :'( thanks for your help again! people out there really appreciate that XD thanks!

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello Memoria!

I read your message with attention. I am happy that you wrote us this message ; a lot of people from different ages can relate to your situation.

First, let’s make a precision; you are normal.

There is no « specific » age for a first love. It can happen at 14, 17 or 25. There are no rules about it. Still, we tend to question ourselves about normality when we believe that the majority had that experience. Do you agree with me?

As you said in your message; you met a few people but they don’t correspond to what you are looking for. You know, it is normal that meeting love isn’t so easy. We cannot « choose » to love someone. And let’s admit that if we felt in love with everyone we see, we would have a problem…

It is normal to want to live the experience. We don’t have control on the moment where it will happen. Maybe it will even take you by surprise.

I just want to encourage you. You seem to be aware of you are; of your strenghts and qualities. And that’s a great start!

Take care Memoria


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