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clara - girl - 13 ans (29 September 2009)

i love a boy last year we were dating but just for 1 week and he get another date but 1 week later he said that he broke with his girlfriend and he said because i love you is that love and this year we were just friend and i got a new track but he get out with 2 girl in one time he said that he love me and he doest not love that girl but everybody said that he lie to you i dont know what going on here and my ex he are so mad when i have a date me and my boyfriend diside to broke up and my ex he are so happy and he talk to me but my boyfriend he is crying he said he want me back i dont know what to do he said he love me but iam not sure help me please

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello Clara,

Thanks for writing!

I read your message with care. Love isn't always simple; do you agree with me?

When we feel unsure about what to do it's important to take some time off and think. It can take some time to figure out what we want to do. Before we need to figure out how we feel. Do you understand what I mean?

Tell me Clara, how do you feel right now? Do you know what want? Are you hesitating to get back with your boyfriend because you love him or because you feel bad about him being sad?

There is no right or wrong option; we can make a decision that corresponds to our needs. Ok? If you feel like getting back with your boyfriend you can. And if you feel that it's not what you are looking for, you can choose to not go back with him. Ok?

I'll let you think about it. We are always available for further questions!


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