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240sxboosted - boy - 19 ans (21 October 2008)

me and my girl have been goen out 4 2 years and i moved in wit her a year ago a month after we stoped haven romantic sex now it feels like she doesent want to do eny thing with me no more like shes not atracted to me i love her very much but theres no romance eny more please send ur advice thanx

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello 240sxboosted,

I understand it’s important to you!

It’s normal that a relationship evolves and transforms itself over time. For example, the passion and the intensity of the beginning can transform into a deeper and tender period. Our love can be expressed in different ways through the evolution of time. Do you see what I mean? Are you able to see how your relationship evolved in the past 2 years?

Also, when we live with someone, we share the “everyday life”. When we experiment it for the first time, it is a learning process. We learn all about our partner, his or her habits, etc. We might also have to manage a schedule between work, school, etc. It’s not always easy to find a spot for romance. Do you find some resemblance with your own situation?

You know, there are no magic solutions to this kind of situation. Still I want to let you know that, yes, it is possible to keep the love “alive”. But romance is something that has to be “maintained” between the two partners. Both people have to work it out. Do you understand?

Communication is still the key in a relationship. We can both express our needs, feelings, expectations. Have you talked with her about it? What is romance to you? What is it to your girlfriend? Do you share the same vision? Romance is different for every couple. This means that a couple can choose what they want to put in place in order to feel good in the relationship. Do you understand what I mean?

I hope my answer will help you! We are always available for you,


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