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Man. - girl - 17 ans (13 July 2008)

I have a really hard thing to deal with , like this guy is perfect and he does everything i like , but im not attracted to him physically like i have to close my eyes when i kiss him or whenever we are having sex. I don't know what to do with him. and i have this other guy on the hold but he doesn't know if it's going to work me and him because hes ex girlfriend is back in the picture and he thinks that whenever he sees her again the flame might light up again. So im scared to break my heart what should i do with these two problems , im so lost right now i dont know what to do with myself anymore

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello man,

It’s a good idea to look for help if you feel lost. I understand it’s not easy when we’re the person in the situation.

Love is something we’re all looking for. We can possibly meet a lot of different people before finding what really corresponds to our personal needs in a relationship. You’re the one person who can think about what you’re looking for right now.

You seem to describe 2 situations in your messages that aren’t satisfying. In the first case, you’re not physically attracted to him and in the second; he might still be in love with his ex. Do you feel like putting your energy in either of these guys? If not, what could help you? Do you need time alone? Do you need to spend time with friends in order to change your mind?

Sometimes, it takes time to decide what’s best for us. We’re always available for you!


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