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s.o.s - girl - 14 ans (8 November 2010)

Hi.. I got a problem about love thinggy..x sigh x I felt in love with 3 boys D:... I really don't know what happen to me and who IS my destiny boy.. 1st boy he goes to the same school as me, well he's origin from  (another country) pretty handsome though( my Ex 6 grade and my frist love) I still love him all this year but i don't know if he love me :( 2nd boy is my boyfriend now, he really love me so much so do I but I don't really think that I love him as much as I love the 1st boy I: ,and he know that I still love the 1st boy but he say he don't care. And I don't want to hurt his feelings :( the 3rd boy is my best buddy he's 16 years old ( since I am 8 years old and he's 10 years old) the thing is he wanted to fight my boyfriend to win my heart I: and that would be this saturday after school DX I don't know what to do... and the way I love him just like my own brother.. :/ but sometime I ask my self do I love my buddy?? and my heart always say I love 3 boys D: what should I do it driving me crazy and whom should I chose? I love them all.. And I can't handle it anymore :( O; plz help me my futur and my love life depends on you Tel Jeune D: you must help me o; I am going to be crazy now!...

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello s.o.s!

I understand that the situation you’re facing right now is difficult. Love can create a lot of questions in our mind. I see that you would like to know which boy to choose from the 3 boys you love right now. I would really like to say to you which one would be the best for you, but unfortunately, I can't make that choice for you. You're the only one that could take a decision because you are involved in that situation. You understand?

When we like some people and don't know who to choose from, we can ask ourselves what ingredients we are looking for in a relationship. Tell me s.o.s., what are you looking for in a guy? What are you looking for in love? Is there a guy that corresponds more to these aspects than the other two? It's important to keep in mind that whoever we choose, there will always be some bad aspects in a relationship. Every relationship has it ups and downs. All people have some defaults, some aspect of there personality that we like less. Tell me, between the 3 boys that you love, which one has less aspects that you don't like? Because love relationships are complex and the intervention by internet is limited, I suggest that you call us so we can analyse you situation more detailed. A counsellor from Tel-jeunes is always there for you at 1-800-263-2266. We are waiting for you call. Have a nice day and take care.

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