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twilight - girl - 19 ans (3 December 2008)

What do u think of someone my age being involved with a man who is 25-30 years old? I dont know why but most men who are interested in me are about that age? Is this normal? or do u think that they are perverts/pedophiles and i shouldnt interact with them? I just want an opinion on this and how i can meet more guys my own age....

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello twilight,

Thank you for writing to us; I am sorry for the delay of my answer!

I read your message with great attention. I understand that you question the aspect of age difference in your relationships. But at the same time, it is hard to answer you because your questions are very general.

There are no precise rules about relationships; we can all make different choices. The most important things are: to feel comfortable, to feel respected and to respect ourselves. We are the best person to make choices for our self twilight. Do you agree with me?

As we are all unique individuals, we can also have different limits. And we can make our choices according to these limits. Some people don’t feel comfortable with partners that are older; some others do. Even the question of “older” can be different from one person to another. What a person considers “older” might not be the same for others. Do you see what I mean? What is your opinion about it? What are you looking for in a relationship? Is age an important factor for you?

I let you think about it twilight. We are always available for you!


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