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[ in Love and confused ]

xGreenScene - girl - 16 ans (14 December 2008)

Hey,Well there is this guy that loved me like intense for 5 months he was after me and even convinciing me to break up with my ex.and i kind of played with his emotions. So in Septemeber I was already single and i was missing him and he had been so mad that i wasnt with him and i hurt him so he delted me from facebook,msn and evrything and i was really falling inlove for who he was not his looks. I missed him so much i wrote him messages evryday and then i found out he has a gf, i was devastated. so Then we didnt talk and when he broke up we started talking again and evrything was normal and last week i told him That i still loved him and evrything and he told me he never forgot me and there wasnt 30 mins that i didnt go threw his mind. and friday he invited me to his place and i couldnt and he kept calling and telling me oh i wanna see u i just wanna se u. saturday i was suppose to see him and i told him to call me and tell me if we still were. and He didnt call so i did.No answer on msn i kept saying things like are we still going? never answered ,At midnight he was online i told him hello? then 2 sec later i told him alright. and i went appear offline and he went offline like 2 sec after.Is he playing games with me? I dont know what i should do. Ive done enough action. SHould i be more patient.?

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello XgreenScene,

Love isn’t always easy…

It would be great sometimes if we had the ability to read somebody’s mind… We would know right away what’s going on… Do you agree with me?

But the truth is; it is impossible to guess somebody’s intentions. We can make different scenarios in our mind but we don’t know for sure. Do you see what I mean?
Neither you nor I have the power to read this boy’s mind. He is the only one who knows what happened that evening and what he feels for you.

When we love someone we can try different things in order to make it work. Still we have to keep in mind that we don’t have the power on the other person’s behaviour (the thoughts, actions and feelings). Do you see what I mean?

The only thing we can control is our own reaction. What do you feel like doing XgreenScene right now? We can take the time in order to think about it. Everyone can make a decision according to them. There is no “right” or “wrong” decision in this kind of situation. You’re the only one who can find out what you feel comfortable with.

So far, how much energy have you put in this relationship? Do you feel comfortable putting more energy? Do you feel like having a conversation with him to clear it out? Do you feel like letting some time go by?

I let you think about it! We are always available for you,


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