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[Heartbroken love] Hey, So I am a 15 year old girl and I'm lesbian. In august I fell in love with a girl who was heartbroken by her ex girlfriend. I still have deep feelings for this girl. I don't know if what I... »»»
girl - 15 ans
[In love or guilt tripping myself?] Hey tel-jeunes, i found your site and i finally mustered up the confidence to ask a question. So, my problem is that I'm confused whether I love this girl or not. I met her 4 years ago on the... »»»
[Should I ask her out] Hi, tel-jeunes. I have known this girl for 2 years now and I looked back and realized that I really like her. I don't know how she feels about me, and I'm not sure if it's appropriate to ask her... »»»
[What does this all mean?] We all want an easy way out; perhaps an advice from god or even to find a leading path of happiness. I'm not going to tag myself as religious or catholic but I do believe in live and it's reasons.... »»»
[Mon ex] Nous sommes sortis ensemble pour deux semaines et il m'a laissé parce qu'il sentait que nous sommes allés trop vite, que nous nous connaissons pas assez. Je le croyais, mais plus le temps passe,... »»»
[Toxic relationship ? ] Hi, I feel stuck between the person I want to be and the person I am. I feel like I want to be selfless, honest and caring ... But every time I hurt I become the exact opposite. I do well for... »»»
[Break up,how to deal with it?] Before I met him,I didn't care about love...he was my friend at first..but then I started having feelings for him,and him for me,my parents didn't like him but I started going out with him... »»»
[annoncer] salut jai un tchum, ma mere est au courant legerement mais la jamais rencontrer et mon pere nest pas du tout au courant je crois mais je sais pas comment lui dire, jai peur de sa reaction ou quil... »»»
[Am i attracted or crazy in love towards her?] hey there i hope someone can help me so it started back severals months ago when i met a girl at my school.This day i wanted to ask her to be my prom date but i had not feelings at her.i had a... »»»
[my best friend and my crush] hello , im having love problems , so i love this guy and its been over a year and i tryed evrything to mack it visable to him but i just realised that he loves my best friend. i dont find it normal... »»»
[How can I deal with it?] I have been in love with my friend for a year. This guy is kind of my best friend at school. We are always together at school because he doesn't have much friends at school. I planned on confessing... »»»
[Sex or love ?] Hi there! So, I've been dating this guy for three weeks. And already I'm kind of uncomfortable with the fact that I have to picture myself losing my virginity with him. He's doing these lame jokes... »»»
[Quesque je fait?????] Depuis quelques semaines maintenant j'aime un garçon et je ne sais vraiment pas si il m'aime. Une fous ma classe et la sienne on revennait dune sortie et il parlait a mon n'amir et ils se sont les... »»»
[Legal rights within an older relationship] I'm 17 years old,almost 18 years old. I often attend AA meetings with my older cousin as I dislike hanging out with people my own age,I sometimes feel as if they are immature.While I still do have... »»»
[in love]

hi i dont realy know how to stat this but im in love with this boy .. he has a girlfriend now its ben 1month and a half and i cant stop looking at him being so happy with her it makes me sick ,,... »»»

[Parent Teacher Interviews!?]

Okaies, so I have a boyfriend, but my parents don't know. I really want to tell them, but trust me, no one knows my parents like I do. They would take EVERYTHING away from me if they found out.... »»»

[Complicated ] there this girl that i loved or i dont know how to call it anymore,it all started almost Last Year,we kind had a thing together we used to talk on msn,facebook sometimes at school and there was... »»»
[Heart break] In september i meet this guy, i fell in love with him and he told me he felt the same way. A couple of days after he went out with my friend leaving me with a broken heart. He stoped talking to... »»»
[Real love or just my body?] Since the age of 12 I have been in love with this boy(ced)we ''went out'' which lasted a month, we then lost contact for years. I was going out with an other guy during this time, i have been with... »»»
[Love] When I was in forth grade, I met this girl and ever since we met, we became best friends. Now, we're both in sec 4 and we're both in the same class and we're still best friends. We said to each... »»»
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