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[Depuiis mon enfence je crak pour lui (L):)] Saluee tel-jeunes il y a un gars que j'aime depuis la maternelle a la 6 ieme anner jai decrocher et aujourdhui je recommence et je suis en secondaire 1 et il parei que il me trouve CUTE Maiis ca je... »»»
[Tel Jeune I need help is urgent!......] Hi.. I got a problem about love thinggy..x sigh x I felt in love with 3 boys D:... I really don't know what happen to me and who IS my destiny boy.. 1st boy he goes to the same school as me, well... »»»
[Ö I Hate it ö] Hi I'm 13 years old and i just had my first big love relationship. It had been 1 year that we were together, 1 week ago it ended! i don't know what to do anymore because he says that it's because... »»»
[am i right] ok hi i don't know if what i did is right for every one but see i love a boy from last year before we are a lover but now not anymore see this year i ask him out but he refuse he said that he want... »»»
[My best friend guy is inlove with my best friend girl] Hello. I have a best friend a guy and a best friend a girl. I kind of have and it has been a long time that I have feelings for my best friend ( guy ) and my best friend (girl) knows that. Few days... »»»
[how can i know the truth ] i love a boy last year we were dating but just for 1 week and he get another date but 1 week later he said that he broke with his girlfriend and he said because i love you is that love and this... »»»
[Still In Love With My Ex.] I've been in love with my ex boyfriend ever since we've broken up, 3 years ago. I know I'm in love because I never felt anything for anyone as strong as I've felt for him. The problem is that he's... »»»
[My girlfriends parents] My girlfriend and I have been together for about 8 months (on and off).We totally have confidence in each other and we can really tell each other everything.Although not prfect,I think we have a... »»»
[MON EX] coucou bein moi depuis quelque temps je me sent pas tres bien et jaimerai beaucoup que vou maidiez..bein tou resament une amie ma dit ke mon ex a parler de moi a un de c ami tres mechamment comme... »»»
[relationships] Okay, i like this boy named jose. i also have a boyfriend of one year. i didnt tell jose that i have a boyfriend but we really like each other. im scared to tell my boyfriend that i cheated on him... »»»
[My ex] Alright, so I was with this guy for 8 months and I fell for him harder then I have any other guy. Well, my problem is, he dumped me but not for another girl or anything. But he does this kinda... »»»
[Sex] My girlfriend and i had sex, but the condom slipped off after 5 mins, but i didn't tell her, should I tell her? »»»
[in Love and confused] Hey,Well there is this guy that loved me like intense for 5 months he was after me and even convinciing me to break up with my ex.and i kind of played with his emotions. So in Septemeber I was... »»»
[older man] What do u think of someone my age being involved with a man who is 25-30 years old? I dont know why but most men who are interested in me are about that age? Is this normal? or do u think that... »»»
[Guys, life in general] hey! first i would like to thank you for all the work and help you give to us :D ok here's my problem, I am 16 years old and NEVER had a boyfriend, i'm the normal looking type of girl and well i... »»»
[love sex] me and my girl have been goen out 4 2 years and i moved in wit her a year ago a month after we stoped haven romantic sex now it feels like she doesent want to do eny thing with me no more like shes... »»»
[love] i have a friend whos in love with me. i love him but more like a big brother than as a boyfriend though i do get those butterflies when i see him.hes my best friend and im scared that it would ruin... »»»
[asking a guy out] A month ago, I started working in a restaurant as a hostess. I was the youngest employee there at 17 years old, but people still treated me like an adult. Over there, I met a waiter. Let's call him... »»»
[Amour] Bonjour,Hey oui jai 12ans et j'aime un gars de 15.. Hey on s'aime beaucoups mes mon pere arrete pas de dire tu a juste 12ans et lui 15 t trop jeune et pleine d'autre affaire!! Et je ne sais pas... »»»
[relationships] Me and my boyfriend have been going out for over a year and we were perfect and completely happy for a long time but we have had a lot of problems. We've both lied and cheated on each other. But we... »»»
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