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[I will always be alone] Hi, for the past few years I've been feeling really low about myself and it just keeps getting worse. I'm 19 and never had a boyfriend and all my friends have one or had. My overweight best friend... »»»
girl - 19 ans
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[Counselling] Hi so i was meeting with the drug counsellor from my school for over a year, from sec 4 tp sec 5 so we got pretty close And this year when i graduated, when we were saying bye the counsellor told... »»»
girl - 17 ans
[Depression] Hi, so i've been dealing with depression for almost 5 years now. When i was younger, i was victim of parental abuse and i guess i'm still traumatised by all this situation. I wanted to consult the... »»»
[will i forever have no one who loves me ] why do I push everyone away. I hate feeling alone yet I want to have no one around me and I push them all away to the point where they leave and I hate when people change. why do I have mood swings... »»»
[confidence ] I'm really struggling with self confidence. I don't know if you guys can help me but I'm just wondering if you can give me some tips to stop being shy all the time because it has ruined a lot of... »»»
[Passed friend leaves me overwhelmed] First off, I apologize if this isn't the correct category. I was unsure of which to choose. So, this boy I have been going to school with for the passed 12 years took his life away this tuesday.... »»»
[fin de secondaire ] ma deja arriver souvent de me sentir comme ca, vide et depressive mais ca passait au fil du temps, mais me sens vraiment a l'envers, la fin de mon secondaire arrive dans quelques... »»»
[Insecurity] Hi Teljeunes.. So these past few weeks i've been feeling a bit sad.. my grades are going down and whatever i'm doing i always fail people.. I try my best but all i do is mess up things.. And when... »»»
[Leaving highschool] Hi, I wasn't sure where exactly to put this question so I put it under mental health. Since the beggining of the year ive been feeling this growing feeling of depression because of the end of high... »»»
[My excessive mood swings] For the past 3 months I have been noticing excessive and very severe mood swings. I am positive that they have been going on for longer but that was when I noticed. I go though periods of... »»»
[it's always on my mind] I, I'm not depressed but I keep thinking about stuff that embarass me or make me sad and I can't get those things out of my mind. It's mostly related to the people from school and what I heard... »»»
[Fear of girls] Hello! I'm a boy and i'm gay i've known that i'm gay since i was 13years old,the only problem is girls i have tons of friends that are girls but when they start talking about they're breast or... »»»
[scared mind.] Hello T-J!Lately i've been kind of scared to face people.i dont know why.Like sometimes im scared to make a joke or just say what i think because i think that people are gonna get mad at me or find... »»»
[Growing up] Hi, I wasnt really sure which category to put this under since it is a general/random question, so I just put it under Healthy Minds.I hope thats ok. Anyways, Im currently 19, Ill be 20 in... »»»
[how to go on with life?] thank god there is a place i can tell what i feel, its just that i finished high school and im going to collage and all...but then i see those who have finished school, old, with a 8-5 job wasting... »»»
[Eating disorder?] Hi Tel-Jeunes, I need advice on eating properly. I lost around 20 pounds in about 6 months. Since then I am very frightened to re-gain that weight but at the same time every time I eat I feel so... »»»
[to much hate] alot of people tell me i have to much hate. that i look like i have a hatefull life ect. i ask them why, they tell me that they can read me like a book. that my eyes give me away. i admit i have a... »»»
[How can I cope with this?] Hi Tel-Jeunes. My mom and my dad had many problems that have affected me alot emotionally (not that they fight all the time but when they do, it hits me hard). Every time that they fight in front... »»»
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