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[ Leaving highschool ]

bmth1247 - girl - 16 ans (23 February 2014)

Hi, I wasn't sure where exactly to put this question so I put it under mental health. Since the beggining of the year ive been feeling this growing feeling of depression because of the end of high school. High school wasnt always fun, I went through hard times, and by your 5th year it does get a bit repetitive. But at the same time its my bubble, where i feel comftorble. I dont know how exactly to explain it, and its bothering me because I cant talk about it to my friends cause no one really understands what im feeling. Its like this constant thought, that in a couple of months, all THIS, all of high school, all the trouble I got into, all the fun I had, all the sadness I experienced, none of THIS will mean anything in a couple of months. Ill be in a college with plenty of people where no one really gives a shit about you. If i decide to get high before class, there wont be any fear of teachers calling my parents. there wont be any teachers telling me i can do better. No one cares when you get older. And thats a problem for me cause I notice that I like having attention, especially negative attention. When I make trouble at school, part of me wants teachers to notice. And when im sad at school and a teacher notices it makes me happy. My brain is just so confused and I dont know what to do and its really bothering me because I dont wanna spend my last months of high school this way, I wanna enjoy it as much as possible.

Tel-jeunes’ answer

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I understand that you have worries about the upcoming changes in your life. Change is not easy. Before discovering what we gain, we go through loss. It seems like you are aware of what you might lose, but not yet of what you might gain. No one can predict the future, we can anticipate and fantasize about it, but actually, it is not possible to foresee how we are going to react later in time. Our perceptions have an influence on how we deal with change. If we anticipate it to be negative, we may perceive only the dark part of it, and yet create a self-fulfilling prophecy. If your desire is to enjoy the present time to its fullest, maybe it would be a good idea to try to stop worrying about things we have no control on, like the future. Alright?

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