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[ Insecurity ]

Foreveryoung21 - girl - 14 ans (8 April 2014)

Hi Teljeunes.. So these past few weeks i've been feeling a bit sad.. my grades are going down and whatever i'm doing i always fail people.. I try my best but all i do is mess up things.. And when my bff gets a good grade, i feel even bad .. Everyone's having they're boyfriends and i'm here asking myself why my crushes doesn't like me.. . Its like i want people to always notice me and when they don't it ruins my whole day.. So please help me to stop it... Love, Eya

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello Eya,

While reading your message I felt that you're judging yourself quite severely. I was touched to read that you feel like you " fail " people. I want to encourage you!

You know Eya; we can all go through a difficult period. A moment where we feel like nothing's working the way we would like. And yes we can feel tempted to look at others and see what they have that we don't: a boyfriend, good grades, etc. Does it correspond to how you feel right now?

It's important to give ourselves a chance. Be indulgent with yourself Eya. It's ok if you feel sad right now. It's ok if you go through a difficult period. We don't have the power to choose what experiences will come our way or make it happen right now: a boyfriend, a good grade, etc. But we can choose, every day, to see what we have, to do activities that we love, to dream about projects, choose our thoughts, etc. For example, at the end of the day we can choose to look at what we have instead of what we don't. We can choose to encourage ourselves and to tell us: it's ok. I wish you could also see what you have: your qualities, your dreams, your interests, etc. Every little thing that makes you a special and unique person. What do you think about it?

I hope my answer will help you. We're always available for you in case you need it!


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