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xxixs - girl - 18 ans (1 August 2015)

I'm really struggling with self confidence. I don't know if you guys can help me but I'm just wondering if you can give me some tips to stop being shy all the time because it has ruined a lot of opportunities for me. Thank you. Have a great day :)

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hi xxixs!

Shyness really seems to "paralyze" you in several areas of your life. Isn't it? You did well to write to us; you're not the only one to live with this embarrassment.

Different situations in life leads us to feel shyness: fear of judgment from others, difficulty to make contact with others, etc. Yet, it is an emotion over which we can have some control. Did you know?
In a situation like yours, to "challenge" our shyness, we might start by placing one sentence in a discussion like expressing your opinion or disagreement, say compliments to someone you trust in your entourage, etc. Do you understand? You will be more comfortable to do so, you will take advantage of more conversations with your family, friends, etc. It is a daily exercise to reach out of your shyness. Does this help you to see more clearly? Did you have other ways in mind?

If you feel the need to contact us again or rewrite us, we will be happy to welcome you in what you are experiencing. We are available at any time for you!


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