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[ My excessive mood swings ]

tryinghard - girl - 13 ans (13 February 2014)

For the past 3 months I have been noticing excessive and very severe mood swings. I am positive that they have been going on for longer but that was when I noticed. I go though periods of depression, sadness, hopelessness, death thoughts, mild self harm (scratching), crying, lack of attention, slow movements and more. These last for about 2 weeks each. I also go through times when I am crazily motivated with rapid speech, high self esteem, risky behaviours, hyperactivity, concentration problems (basically high all the time). I talked about it to my parents and they seem to think that it is only my teenage years and my stress, but I think that it is quote likely to be more. They know about everything but the death thoights and self harm. How can I tone these mood swings down? Any idea of what ir might be?

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hi trying hard!
It is a good step forward that you are doing by asking us about your mood swings.

I feel a lot of pain in your message. When we have such mood swings that we can not control it can be difficult to understand what is happening. We can be angry, confused or sad. What do you feel about it? What is the most difficult thing for you in that situation? There is no magical tip about it, but there is some things that we can do to help us to manage our feelings and our behaviours. We can start by talking with a professional at our school. It can help to determine what cause the mood swings and how to avoid it. Did you try it? Is it something you would like to do? We can also write our feelings and our thoughts. It could help to evacuate some stress and to understand what we are living. What do you think of it?

I hope you will find some help. If you have any questions do not hesitate to write us back. Good luck!


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