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[ will i forever have no one who loves me ]

marchiedm - girl - 15 ans (25 January 2017)

why do I push everyone away. I hate feeling alone yet I want to have no one around me and I push them all away to the point where they leave and I hate when people change. why do I have mood swings why do I have to be like this. I just want help.

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hi marchiedm!

I thank you for trusting our service by writting to us about this situation that affects you.

I understand that you are presently living with a difficult situation. I wish I wish I could tell you why you have those mood swings and why you push everyone away but I can't because I'm not in your head or in your feelings. But one thing I can tell you is that you don't have to stay this way if you don't want to. :-)

Seeking help of a professionnal like a psychologist could be a good start. This person will be able to follow you on a regular basis and help you work on yourself to change the things that make you suffer. Together you will be able to develop tools for yourself. It might take sometimes and some work but this professionnal will be there to help you, following your own rythm. Do you think it could be helpful for you marchiedm?

In that same vein you can seek this kind of help freely a your CLSC. You could also talk to a counscellor at school if there is one available. Would you like to do that and get a chance to feel better?

I hope my answer helps you a little. Don't hesitate to write back to us or call us if want to discuss your situation in details.

Take care of yourself marchiedm!


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