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[ I will always be alone ]

aline_97 - girl - 19 ans (13 August 2016)

Hi, for the past few years I've been feeling really low about myself and it just keeps getting worse. I'm 19 and never had a boyfriend and all my friends have one or had. My overweight best friend is not a virgin. I feel so depressed and keep wondering why I'm not good enough for anyone but the thing is I feel like I don't deserve for a guy to like me. I don't see why any guy would like me. I feel hideous, worthless and I'm so nervous around guys that I can't even talk to them. Guys always think I'm weird. I don't even have any talents or anything interesting about me, I'm ugly, boring and there is nothing about me that would be attractive to a guy. I can't stand seeing my friends with their boyfriends all over them because I know that this will never happen to me. There isn't a single day that I don't cry because of this and I refuse to go out anymore because it seems like everyone is in a happy relationship and I'm always alone and always will be. No guy will ever love me. Can you please tell me what I can do to feel better cause it's taking over everything

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello aline_97!

I read you with all my attention. Feeling worthless is definitively not a comfortable sensation.

Still, I need to tell you took a great initiative by asking for help. It tells me there's a part inside you who doesn't want to feel worthless anymore. A part of you who wants to feel good about yourself. Do you agree with me?

Self-esteem is a strenght we can develop throughout our entire life. Here's a link on our self-esteem rubric; I think it will interest you.
If you feel it's getting worst and taking over everything, there's also the option of meeting with a therapist or psychologist. Sometimes, we need a guide to know where to start. And in this case, starting to see ourselves as a humain being worth of being loved. It's quite important, don't you think?

I'll let you think about it. We're available for you if you need to discuss it!


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