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[ how to go on with life? ]

lothar - boy - 19 ans (29 November 2008)

thank god there is a place i can tell what i feel, its just that i finished high school and im going to collage and all...but then i see those who have finished school, old, with a 8-5 job wasting their lifes monday to friday loosing all their passion about life and being bitter, basicly, loosing everything that makes being young great, and i dont want to grow up, i dont want that for me, i want to keep young but i also want a future, but so far i see, that is just our very fate. you stop doing the stuff you do with your friends such as hanging out with just nothing to do to some stupid reunion with red wine cuz they are now "sophisticated" , i dont feel like going on, like yeah easy way, suicide is there and finishes the problem, but i think is stupid so is not an option and i think its a horrible thing to do so how can i face that issue? damn being an adult sucks.

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello lothar,

I took the time to read the two emails you wrote. I can feel that it takes a lot of space in your thoughts. Let’s take a look at it together.

First, it is normal to feel like we don’t really belong or don’t want to belong to the “adult” world. We are no longer a kid, not yet an adult. It is part of growing up. It can take some time before finding our own place. Life is an evolution. And we just don’t know who we will become. We can try to guess but it will happen in time. Do you agree with me?

You give your own description of what an adult is. Do you really believe that there is only one “model”? Is it possible that you are just not “there” yet? Do you really to stop yourself to one vision of it? Are these thoughts helping you?

There are so many different people, with different lifestyles, different activities lothar. There is a lifestyle for each and every one of us; depending on where we are in our life. We can approve or not of somebody else’s life. But we have to remember that we will make choices according to our own tastes and goals, not somebody else’s. You are the one that will make your own decisions; according to who you are and want to be. Do you see what I mean?

You know, it is important to give our self the chance and the time to live our experiences. We cannot know what being an adult is before being there. Do you agree with me? Do you want to give yourself the chance to see what will happen?

There are a lot of different paths that a person can take in life. I let you think about it!


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