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sarah12345 - girl - 14 ans (15 January 2014)

I, I'm not depressed but I keep thinking about stuff that embarass me or make me sad and I can't get those things out of my mind. It's mostly related to the people from school and what I heard they said about me. I've tried meditation and writing in a journal but it doesn't work. I was just wondering if you had a suggestion of what to do to think about something else. thanks in advance!

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hi there!

Thank you for trusting us with your worries! :)

We do not have power on other people's behaviour, thoughts or feelings. All of us humans need love and recognition of our value. When we know that people spoke badly of ourselves, we can be hurt because our need for love and value is not fulfilled. The thing is, not everybody loves us and we don't love everybody. If we don't have the power to make people love us, we have the power to focus our energy on those who do love us. We do not control entirely our thoughts and feelings, but we can choose to change the things that create discomfort and pain, by talking differently to ourselves. Some people can choose, for example, to visualize that they pull off the power of the hurtful words. Others can choose to face the situation and confront the people that initiated all this. Others can choose to talk about it to their friends. Change does not come magically, it is a choice and it often requires help. An inspiring adult in your family, the school psychologist or a counsellor can also help! Would you like to talk to someone?

I will let you think about it. Do not hesitate to call us if you want to discuss this further : 1-800-263-2266, 24/7.

Take care,


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