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[Is it abuse?] I'm 15 and transgender. It took me a long while to figure myself out, and last year I finally figured I was more comfortable identifying as male. I came out to my father only about a few months... »»»
boy - 15 ans
[Im scared to love] Hello, I'm Cat. Im scared to love. I dont know why, but each time I date someone, I always end up being dumped. In first grade, I started dating, but you know it wasnt love love, its more like a... »»»
[Is skateboarding, longboarding illegal?] I'm a skateboarder and I'm really into skateboarding,either as a tool for transport or just for fun. I use my skateboard for most of the time when I go to my friends house and to school, only when... »»»
[Eating early] Sometimes I wake up very arly with stomach pains. I know it isn't good to eat late, so is it bad to eat at 4 in the morning if it will help you sleep? What if this could count as your breakfast. I... »»»
[I dont know what to do with myself] Alot of things happened, the death of my grandfather my best friend going out with the guy i love, my friends letting me down for their boyfriends. im tired and this lover of mine i left my ex... »»»
[i don't know what to do or think ?? can you help me?] Hi! I have a question very important that i would love to have the answer. here is my question I am not menstruating since 3 months now, and i never had sex, i don't now if it's normal, because i... »»»
[thicker on one side] Is it normal if my left under arm area and side are smaller and less swollen then my right »»»
[Shool work] I with the school we do a project and I need to know what the money do, what is the date of the foundation (they can be the years) and who was the insparation. Thank you and please anwser so fast!! »»»
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