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Joanny - girl - 15 ans (16 January 2009)

Hi! I have a question very important that i would love to have the answer. here is my question I am not menstruating since 3 months now, and i never had sex, i don't now if it's normal, because i awlays been regular in my period. Should i worried ?

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello Joanny,

We receive a lot of questions concerning menstruation. It’s always a good idea to be informed!

Different factors can explain why a girl wouldn’t get her menstruations. The menstrual cycle can be irregular during the first years. Many adolescents will observe some irregularities from time to time. Also, stress, fatigue, eating disorders, intense athletic activity, a break-up, etc can also influence our menstruation.

It’s impossible for me to make a “medical analyse” of a person’s situation. But if you are worried I suggest you talk to a health professional; the school nurse, a nurse from info santé (dial 811) or a doctor. They could take a look at your situation and help you understand it better. Ok?

Take care Joanny!


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