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[ Im scared to love ]

CatsRule331 - girl - 12 ans (7 February 2016)

Hello, I'm Cat. Im scared to love. I dont know why, but each time I date someone, I always end up being dumped. In first grade, I started dating, but you know it wasnt love love, its more like a really close friendship. For that, people at my school call me slut. I've been in a relationship with Anthony, who dumped me for my best friend, who said yes. She knew she was making a mistake so she corrected it by re-answering no. Im depressed. I really loved Anthony. Since 4th grade, you know. But he said he didnt have feelings for me anymore. Each time I'm friends with someone, we end up in a realtionship. A few weeks later, that happiness ends, and we end up being enemies. Why's that? Why are boys jerks? Is it normal that Im scared to love? Im scared of the world too. Please help me ;(

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hi Cat!

Thanks for sharing your concerns with us :)

It's true: love can generate so many different emotions! We can feel excited, attracted, anxious, curious and....yes, scared. :) I can feel throughout your message that it hurts when a boyfriend ends a relationship... You're right; it does hurt. You know, when we start dating someone, we never know how long it will last... Maybe for a long long time. But sometimes it's a short love story. Do you agree with me?

I send you all my support! If you want to talk about a situation in particular, please know we are always available for you :)

Take care!


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