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[ Is skateboarding, longboarding illegal? ]

Mc-my - boy - 13 ans (26 May 2015)

I'm a skateboarder and I'm really into skateboarding,either as a tool for transport or just for fun. I use my skateboard for most of the time when I go to my friends house and to school, only when it's raining. Recently I noticed that skateboarding is forbidden to ride on side walk,roads and sidewalks. Neither is long boarding or roller skating. I'm kind of upset to hear this 'new' law for me, or is it even true? I have to take bus and metro to school,but both stations are really far from my house. Skate board is the most convenient tool for transportation...

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello Mc-my!

I understand that not being able to use your longboard to transport yourself affects you. I'm glad your tought about us to help you with this situation.

Unfortunatly, your question doesn't fit into our fields of expertise. We are here to help children and teenagers with relationship and personnal question. Your question needs knowledge about laws. In order to find the information you are looking for, you could communicate with your municipality or look your city's website. This is usually the kind of information that can be find in the city rules. Would you like to do that?

Good luck in your research, Mc-my!


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