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[ Eating early ]

jewlzroz257 - girl - 20 ans (11 November 2009)

Sometimes I wake up very arly with stomach pains. I know it isn't good to eat late, so is it bad to eat at 4 in the morning if it will help you sleep? What if this could count as your breakfast. I am usually pretty good about never eating late at night, but I also can't sleep when I have tomach pains

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello jewlzroz257! I can read you're wondering what to do when you have stomach pains. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what the best thing to do is. This situation requires a health professional expertise. To know if eating during the night is ok, if it counts as your breakfast and if there is something else that you could do when you have stomach pains, I invite you to talk directly with your doctor. You can also reach a nurse at Info-santé (by dialling only 811) or a nurse at the CLSC.

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