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[ I dont know what to do with myself ]

Lifeishell - girl - 17 ans (22 March 2009)

Alot of things happened, the death of my grandfather my best friend going out with the guy i love, my friends letting me down for their boyfriends. im tired and this lover of mine i left my ex boyfriend that met the world for me and i was his world for my lover now and hes dating my best friend, or should I say my ex best friend. Im tired of all this everyone is happy and i feel like dying.. Yesterday i tried to kill myself but it didnt work. I cant talk to anyone about this i am scared that they are going to think I am crazy and I dont wwant this.. I dont know what to do I wanna end this life of hell that i have once and for good.. I need help, i dont want to call you because I hate it and i cant talk because I cry so much , my life is hell and i wanna leave go see my grandfather forever..

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hi ! Reading your mail, made me feel how you are having a hard time with your friends, your lover and the grief of your grand-father.   I am touched by your message, and worried about you.  You say you want to stop suffering by ending your life.  You also say that you need help.  What would make you feel better?   I want to congratulate you for writing to us.  It’s a first step to feeling better.  Did you know that suicide is not a solution?  Unfortunately, death is forever.  On the other side, our problems are usually temporary.  Sometimes, when we are so overwhelmed with depressive feelings, it can be hard to see how to resolve our problems.  Most people who have suicidal feelings want to stop suffering, but don’t know how to.  Asking for help is a major step to feeling better.  When we are accompanied, it’s always easier to find solutions to our problems.  Is there an adult that you particularly trust?  Is there a teacher, a counsellor at your school, a big brother or sister, a neighbour that you could confide in?  Would you talk to your parents?   Don’t stay alone with your problems. Anybody needs a little help one day or another, and that doesn’t make that person crazy, but simply human.  Does that make sense to you?  If you want, you could also seek help from a professional counsellor at your local CLSC or doctor.  Since you are older than 14, you are responsible of your own medical record.  You can consult a professional without your parent’s authorisation.    I can understand that you are uncomfortable to call us because it’s hard for you to talk.  I want you to know that we are here for you, even if you breakdown in tears.  Together we could look at some solutions that are suitable for you.  You can reach us seven days a week, day or night at 1 800 263 2266.  Don’t stay alone.  Take care,


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