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[ getting your period while being pregnant? ]

cookies - boy - 17 ans (12 January 2013)

Hello. Just to give a bit of a background, my girlfriend and I never had sex. I had called tels Jeunes a while back because we did genital rubbing and I wanted to know if she could have been pregnant. Tel Jeunes told me to wait till she gets her period. She did. My concern now is that lately, s been having some serious stomach pains. Not cramping, but really a pain which is located slightly above her belly button. Shes currently going to pass through some tests. She also feels like throwing up but does not and when she eats, she hardly eats and feels bloated right away. My question to you is: is there any chance that she can be pregnant and, during that time, (within 2 months) had 2 normal periods (and one of them she goes more than usual)? Is there a possibility that she can be pregnant and still be getting her period?

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello cookies,

Thank you for writing to us your question.

When a girl has her period, it's a clear sign that she is not pregnant. She may be having some familiar symptoms to pregnancy such as you have described. Except, they can also be explained by other medical reasons that only a doctor will be able to clarify. In very rare cases some women still bleed during pregnancy or have their period, but that is quite unusual. It is always possible to pass a pregnancy test, but chances are it will be negative as there needs to be ejaculation in the vagina for pregnancy to happen. Does this reassure you cookies?

Have a nice day.


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