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horsesmylife - girl - 15 ans (15 July 2008)

Me and my boyfriend had sex and we used a condom but it slipped off while we did it. I think I stopped my period one or two day before we did it, can I be pregnant?

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello horsesmylife! Writing to us was a good idea.

An accident happened with the condom and you’re wondering if you could get pregnant. In order to be pregnant, there needs to be a contact of the sperm with the vagina. Did you know that it is important to use protection throughout the month? When protection was not used or that an accident happened, the morning-after pill can be taken. It is possible to take it 5 days after the sexual intercourse at risk, but the earlier it’s taken, the more effective it is. To know more about the morning-after pill, I invite you to talk about it with a pharmacist or a doctor (in a clinic or at the CLSC). If you wish to speak with a nurse, you can also simply dial 811 (24/7). I also invite you to have a look at the SEXUALITY section of our website. You’ll find information under the “prevention of pregnancy” rubric.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you need to. Take care!


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