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[ either normal pain or PREGNANT ! ]

SylarLover411 - girl - 15 ans (25 July 2009)

Hello . umm im sure i'm not pregnant because I nn't stop eating . I usally don't like chocolat but now I always want some . I lever had sex b4 but iv'e been having pain in my lower abdomen for 6 days now .. and I caike things I didnt like b4 . I sometimes feel nauseas but not in the morning . I can't stop going to the bathroom to pee . I know I can't be pregnant if I never had sex b4 but maybe something happened . But please dont' tell any 1 like right now I feel nauseas .. i'm not afraid to get a pregnancy test at a store and I don't want to go to the CLSC again bcuz i'm scared but I might have too . Is there a way I can do a home pregnancy test like make it myself ? I know this sounds stupid . some people are conserned for me but I tell them its no deal. so yeah thanks you :) and you guys rock ..

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello SylarLover411,

I read your message with care.

You write " I know I can't be pregnant if I never had sex b4 but maybe something happened". What do you mean exactly? Do you have reasons to believe something might have happened? Do you feel you are at risk for a pregnancy?

You know, it's not possible to make our own home test... The only pregnancy tests are available either at a pharmacy or the CLSC. Do you want to get one?

You know, when we are concerned or preoccupied by our health, it might be important to talk to a doctor or a nurse. Do you agree with me?
If you have physical symptoms that you don't understand or if you are scared, I suggest you talk with a health specialist. You can also contact a nurse from info santé (you just have to dial 811).
These people can help us by evaluating the situation with us. It's a health line available 24/7. Ok?

Take care SylarLover411!


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