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[ might be pregnant, condom slipped ]

afrodita - girl - 16 ans (6 October 2008)

Hi Tel-Jeunes, My boyfriend and I had sex on oct 1 and of course we used a condom but right after he was done, the condom more or less slipped and stayed inside me. then he had to pull it off. he says that no sperm got inside even though it slipped like that. my period is due on the 6 +/- 2 days but for some reason i am not experiencing any symptoms like i normally do. i thought of the afterpill but didnt take, mosly because of the side effects it has. if the period still doesnt come when would it be appropriate for me to get the pregnancy test? thank you for your help in advance, lets hope that i am not pregnant, but the waiting is just killing me

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hi Afrodita ! Tel-jeunes answers a lot of questions from teenagers that are anxious about a possible pregnancy. Your question is to know if it is appropriate to get a pregnancy test. Of course it is! You can pass one when your experience lateness in your periods, after being a week late. You can buy one at the pharmacy. Expect to pay around 10.00$. If you can’t afford it, you can take one at your neighbourhood CLSC. If you have any questions about sexuality, you can visit this website: Don’t hesitate to call us or to write again. Take care,


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