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[ Pregnancy test ]

Tinysmurf - girl - 20 ans (20 October 2008)

I just want to know if its possible to get a free pregnancy test at the CLSC without it going into my medical record? I just want to leave it as anonymous as possible. Do I have to actually present my card or can I just take one home? Thanks in advance for your time

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello Tinysmurf !

Thanks for writing!

Actually, we can get a pregnancy test either at the pharmacy or the CLSC.

When we go to the CLSC, we meet a nurse who will talk with us. They don’t give us a home test. The test is done at the clinic and consists of a sample of urine and we can get the results after a few minutes.

Starting at 14 year old, our medical record is confidential. This means Tinysmurf that the nature of the visit is confidential but we still have to present our card. Do you understand what I mean? This test is usually free, but you can contact your CLSC to make sure. Ok?

The one offered at the pharmacy costs around 8 to 15$ and it is available in the various aisles. We don’t have to ask the pharmacist and we take it home.

Do you feel more comfortable with one of these options?

I hope I have answered your questions. Take care!


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