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[ sex ]

rylee - girl - 16 ans (23 November 2008)

hi there. ummm i had sex for the first time last night and we used a condom but right when we were about to use it it broke. so he just said he'd pull out. well we did it and he pulled out. does could i still get pregnant?

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello rylee,

It’s a good idea to ask the question!

There is a false belief about “pulling out”. People tend to believe that the risk is only when sperm enters in contact with the vagina. Actually, when the guy withdraws from his partner’s vagina before ejaculating; there is still a risk because of the pre-ejaculatory liquid. It is transparent and also contains spermatozoids. Do you understand what I mean?

From the info in contained in your message; there is a risk of pregnancy in this kind of situation. When a risk relation happens we can use an emergency contraception method. Have you ever heard about it? To be as efficient as possible; this method has to be taken in the hours following the relation (up to 72 hours). We can get it at the pharmacy (for about 10-20 $), the CLSC (for free), from our doctor or a walk-in clinic.

You know rylee, I am not saying that you are pregnant or not. A pregnancy risk cannot be put in percentage. Whether “small” or “big”; it is still a risk. Do you see what I mean?

Do you need more info? Are you still worried? If yes, I invite you to contact a nurse at info santé (you just have to dial 811) or go talk to the school nurse. I hope this info will help you. You could also read the sexuality section of our website. There are info about pregnancy’s prevention.

Take care!


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