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[ Pregnancy ]

TallulahStarrr - girl - 14 ans (17 August 2008)

Hi Tel-Jeunes Thank You for reading my message , 22 days ago i went to my boyfriends house. He is very good looking.We watched movies alone cause his parents were'nt there.Then we were tired so he went in his and me to the guest bedroom.I went in his room to give him a kiss goodnight then one thing led to another i had my clothes off.He had a condom but i was a little stressed out. He was good about it he said if i did not want to have sex just to tell him but i said i was fine ! 5 minutes later he went to the bathroom then he realized that he did not have the condom on anymore so we looked everywhere in the room then found it in the sheets. So 22 days after i felt sick ! I had nausea. So i took a prengnancy test and i am pregnant. Im am so freaked out im so scared! My mom even told me to not have sex until i was like 20.Im so afraid to tell her. I told my boyfriend and he was so good about it he said he is going to be there for the baby but my parents i dont no what to do! I dont no if i should wait until they have doubts?Ands what am i going to say to the rest of my family? !!! Im in tears right now i dont no how to explain my feeling ! I took 6 pregnancy test and they are all positive !!!! IM 14 FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!!!!! Thank You

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello TallulahStarrr,

I understand you’re going through a lot of emotions right now. You had a great initiative to look for support!

A pregnancy can bring a lot of questions and feelings; it’s normal to feel scared TallulahStarrr. And it’s ok. It takes some time to realize and understand the situation.

A pregnancy implies a lot of info. When we feel lost, it’s important to know that there’s support around us. There are people that can help and encourage you through this situation. For example, the CLSC in our neighbourhood offers a youth clinic. There is a team of doctors, nurses and counsellors that are there to help young people. A visit to the doctor is important when we know we are pregnant. Do you feel like it could be a first step for you?

Do you have support around you? Have you talked to someone you trust? I know your boyfriend is there, but do you need other people to encourage you?

I also want to give you a resource that you can reach by phone; S.O.S. Grossesse (1-877-662-9666). They could listen to you and provide you some guidance. And, of course, you can reach us 24h/7 if you need to talk. We’re always available. Ok? Remember that you’re not alone.

I let you think about all of it. Take care!


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