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[ pregnacy test ]

zoey - girl - 17 ans (28 May 2011)

Im on birth control, we dont use a condom but for the most part my boy friend pulls out.I was informed that during the sugar pills im protected.However I recently found it might be false. we has sex during that time, i got my period but it was very light and the blood was mainly brown. What are the chances of me being pregnat ? and where can i get a free testing? also do i need to see a doctor before hand or can I simply get the testing done? thank-you

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hi zoey ! I understand your concerns.

When taken properly, the pill is 99,9% effective even during the period where your take the sugar pills. In other words, if you take your pill everyday and approximately at the same time, you are probably very well protected from getting pregnant, and that, during all your cycle. Does it reassure you? You know, our periods can change a lot from time to time and it doesn’t mean that there is a problem. If you want to take a pregnancy test to be sure, you can go get a free one at your CLSC or at your school nursery. For more information, you can also call Info-Santé (8-1-1).

I hope it answer your question. Don’t hesitate to write back or to call us (1-800-263-2266) if you need anything.

Take care,


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