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[Abortion] So I think I might be pregnant and I'm waiting to get my period until I actually take a test, If i don't get it then i'll go to my CLSC to get a pregnancy test, but what I was wondering was do you... »»»
[getting your period while being pregnant?] Hello. Just to give a bit of a background, my girlfriend and I never had sex. I had called tels Jeunes a while back because we did genital rubbing and I wanted to know if she could have been... »»»
[Pregnancy] Is it possible to be pregnant but still get your period at the same time every month? And if i wanted to get a pregnancy test done at a clinic, would i need to make an appointment or can I just... »»»
[Can I be pregnant] So, I am sexually active. Me and my boyfriend always use protection. (condom) so my period was due for the 10th of February and got my period on the 5th. And usually my period is always regular.... »»»
[pregnacy test] Im on birth control, we dont use a condom but for the most part my boy friend pulls out.I was informed that during the sugar pills im protected.However I recently found it might be false. we has... »»»
[can] if I gave my boyfriend a blowjob and swollowed sperm, can I get pregnant »»»
[either normal pain or PREGNANT !] Hello . umm im sure i'm not pregnant because I nn't stop eating . I usally don't like chocolat but now I always want some . I lever had sex b4 but iv'e been having pain in my lower abdomen for 6... »»»
[Jaii peuur ] Cher tel-jeune, jaii un groos probleme..jaii 13 ans et jaii faiit lamour avec mon chum, ma mere ne me laisse pas aller chez mon medecin toute seule et jai peuur parce quue si je faiis un... »»»
[having kids] Do you think I am too young to become a parent? »»»
[sex] hi there. ummm i had sex for the first time last night and we used a condom but right when we were about to use it it broke. so he just said he'd pull out. well we did it and he pulled out. does... »»»
[Pregnancy test] I just want to know if its possible to get a free pregnancy test at the CLSC without it going into my medical record? I just want to leave it as anonymous as possible. Do I have to actually present... »»»
[might be pregnant, condom slipped] Hi Tel-Jeunes, My boyfriend and I had sex on oct 1 and of course we used a condom but right after he was done, the condom more or less slipped and stayed inside me. then he had to pull it off. he... »»»
[im scared that im pergnant] im not sure what actualy happned at that tym .i made out with him on 27 september 2008.intercoursing didnt happen but just fingering .but his pennis was just touching my hole .im scare that liquid... »»»
[Pregnancy] Hi Tel-Jeunes Thank You for reading my message , 22 days ago i went to my boyfriends house. He is very good looking.We watched movies alone cause his parents were'nt there.Then we were tired so he... »»»
[Is there still a chance?] Me and my boyfriend had sex and we used a condom but it slipped off while we did it. I think I stopped my period one or two day before we did it, can I be pregnant? »»»
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